bees wraps use and care

One of the best alternative to plastic food wrap is named beeswax food wraps. They are made of cotton coated with bee wax ( or vegetal wax in its vegan version) that can be used as a reusable, healthy and zero-waste alternative to plastic wraps and to aluminium foil . You can use it directly on a half of fruit, to cover a jar or a pitcher or to wrap a sandwich or a snack.

But to use it properly and make it last, you can follow our tips and advices:

How to use your beeswax food wraps:

  • The material is a moldable texture very easy to work with when wrapping over or around food to keep the freshness of the food and keep out external influences.
  • Just place it over the jar, around the vegetable, cheese, fuit etc. and with the warmth of your own hands together with a light pressure you can mould the wrap and make it stick to itself around the item.
  • You can wrap it directly on whole or half fruits and vegetable.
  • Al principio, el envoltorio puede desprender un poco de cera en los bordes de los cuencos.

What you better not do:

  • Do not use the wrap on warm food, so leave leftovers cool down before placing the wrap over them.
  • Avoid high temperatures, direct heat and keep it away from fire and any source of heat.
  • Do not use the wrap on fresh meat or fish.
  • Do not use the wrap in the oven, microwave nor dishwasher.
  • Avoid using knives on the wrap as it might damage the wax.

How to care for your beeswax food wraps:

  • Always wash your beeswax wrap in cold water only.
  • You can use a natural dish soap and a soft sponge and leave them dripping off to dry.
  • You can store your wrap rolled up or folded.

Did you know that:

  • The breathable and at the same time insulating of the beeswax food wrap works fine for an overnight rising dough and it is ideal to cover fermenting food.
  • It is perfect to wrap your home made bread dough.

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