Today we are bursting at the seams with happiness. That’s because Sinplástico has now reached the 7 year mark offering you plastic-free options and alternatives for a life free from this exact material.

We can’t quite believe that so long has passed since that day, back in 2014, when Marion and Javier, our co-founders, decided to jump in the deep end and create the first ever zero waste e-store in Spain.

Dreaming of avoiding plastic at every turn, with durable, truly eco-friendly, ethically made alternatives, that are predominantly made right here in Spain or within Europe.

Well here we are, 7 years down the track.

This is all that has happened to us along the way:

However, above all:

    • We have learned the meaning of the word COMMUNITY: thanks to all those people who, like you, read what we write, support us and share our ideas about how to make a world with less plastic a reality.

None of this would be possible without you

This is why we would like to thank you personally, the one who is reading this.

Because nothing we have experienced over the last 7 years would have happened without your support.

At the end of the day, we are still a small social cooperative trying to reduce the negative impact of plastic on our environment, without investing loads of money in advertising, without investors or shareholders behind us, but by putting ethics before profits.

So, thank you, from the very bottom of our hearts…

…for taking part and trusting in this project to achieve a world with less plastic.

A gift to show our appreciation: 7% OFF the whole shop for 7 days

To show our appreciation of everything you have given us and to celebrate the fact that we are still here fighting after 7 years, we want to give you a 7% discount valid throughout our online store for the next 7 days straight, until November 10th 2021.

We do hope you you make the most of it.

*Insert the promo code when you get to the checkout page whilst making a purchase in our online store.

It has been our pleasure to share this journey with you for all these years.

Let’s raise a glass and drink a toast to many years ahead offering you loads more plastic-free alternatives.

All birthdays are special, but this one makes us particularly happy.

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