Wet Shaving: a plastic-free shaving

The arrival of plastic to the shaving industry brought about the logic of abundance: many products, at competitive prices, attractive to the eye, but easy to get spoilt in order to make you renew it the sooner, the better. More than 1,200 million men around the world do shave every day. And this practice of using disposable items increases, in the medium and long term, shaving prices, gets the quality of your shave worse, as well as increases the environmental impact.

Safety razors last forever and their spare parts are cheap, recyclable and have lower ecological impact. That is why the demand for traditional shaving is growing and why it is gradually becoming trendy.

Benefits and advantages of wet shaving:

  • Your skin condition improves remarkably.

  • You get a closer shave.

  • It is more economical and environmentally-friendly.

  • Sensation-seeking: the characteristic sound of the blade on the skin, the desire to re-appropriate time to yourself, or the pleasure of a relaxing massage .

  • Most classic creams and soaps are 100% natural and biodegradable; gels and foams in cans, on the other hand, pollute the environment because its production requires many chemical processes.

Steps to a smooth shave:

  1. Soak the brush for 2 or 3 minutes in warm water. Best brushes should retain water, so horsehair’s are better ones than badger’s or synthetic’s.

  2. Moisten the shaving zone – the face and neck – with warm to hot water not only to soften the beard but also to open the skin pores for deep down cleanliness. An option is washing your face with warm soapy water and rinse. Though the ideal thing is shaving after a warm shower.

  3. Load the moist brush with shaving soap (too much water will dilute shaving cream and if you are using shave soap it will hamper your efforts at building up a nice thick lather). If you notice that the brush is becoming too dry you can add a small amount of hot water to the brush head and repeat the lathering action.

  4. The most important step for a good shave is the application of the cream. Lather gently using circular motions all around the face, chin and neck to prepare your beard for shaving.

  5. Use the classic safety razor that suits your type of beard. The difference between safety razors is the type of comb:

    • Safety razors with closed tooth comb allow a gentler shaving technique and provide protection against cuts. These safety razors with interchangeable blades are popular among the beginners or the experienced users with regular use.

    • Open tooth comb safety razors are more appropriate for those with a beard that grows thick because facilitate a vigorous, very direct shaving technique. The combination of an open comb with broad teeth and a gap behind the foam edge helps to guide and position the hair so that the blade can cut more effectively.

  6. Work the razor slowly, with gentle strokes.

  7. Shave with the grain of your beard or stubble, generally this is in a downward direction. Glide the razor across your skin using minimal pressure. For an extra close shave or any stubborn hair, you may like to shave against the grain and draw the razor upwards, again applying minimal pressure. Use your fingers to feel for any obstinate areas of growth – hair grows in different directions around the neck area.

  8. Moisten always your face with warm water and reapply lather or cream between every stroke.
  9. Finally, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores.

  10. Pat the skin dry and apply a suitable moisturiser. Avoid those containing alcohol since they will dry your skin.

  11. Rinse your safety rasor and pat dry in a towell. Likewise, wash the head brush thoroughly under the tap, shake off excess water, fluff dry in a towel, and to prolong the life of the brush, turn upside down on the stand to prevent water settling in the base.

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