Bags, glitter, plastic trees, tinsel, artificial wreaths, imitation holly, plastic toys, wrapping…No doubt it’s not the first time you’ve thought: Since when has Christmas turned into a plastic fest?

We are sure that you do not want plastic invading your house over the holidays.

So, we have gotten to work with our latest post and want to tell you all about how to decorate your home, find presents and wrap your gifts in a more natural and eco-friendly way. And, of course, with no plastic. Promise.

Shall we start?


A table centrepiece to your liking

Use a wide-mouthed jar like this one and fill it with sand, then place beeswax candles (or Candelilla vegetable wax candles if you are vegan) inside to light up your Christmas dinner. If you prefer something greener, you could fill it with holly twigs together with natural pine-cones and some dried autumn leaves.

Christmas decorations made from wood and natural fibres for your tree

Wood and esparto a winning combination. These handmade esparto stars como nuestros eco-friendly Christmas decorations (made from responsibly cultivated poplar wood), will look terrific on your tree… Or in your living room. Or in your kitchen. Or in whatever corner of your house that needs a little extra Christmas joy.

In addition, you can get the little ones involved with the decorating (and at the same time keep them entertained for a few minutes) by having them colour in the little bird, the snowflakes and/or the holly that are on each hanging ornament.

Adornos navideños ecológicos

A handcrafted Christmas Wreath

This handmade esparto wreath made locally in Bilbao, is the perfect candidate to decorate your front door these holidays. You can hang it just as it is, or add your own personal touch with coloured wool, twigs of holly, new ivy or eucalyptus branches, dry pine-cones, ribbons or whatever inspires you and takes your fancy. Sounds fun, right?

corona navidad ecologica natural

An upcycled garland to brighten up your walls

Use our Christmas decorations made from wood and esparto together with a long piece of cotton or another natural fibre (an piece of material from an old sheet or tablecloth works well too) to create an original DIY garland.


If the idea of DIY doesn’t really float your boat you can find this beautiful Christmas garland made from wood and esparto en nuestra tienda online.

guirnalda natural


Children’s presents made from wood, metal and paper

Declare the plastic festival in the toy box over! This Christmas you can ensure that your little ones play with safe and environmentally responsible materials like these:

  1. Wooden presents to help develop their skills.

These handcrafted unisex presents are made with your little one’s skill development and imagination in mind. A few wooden blocks that can be transformed into castles, bridges and/or little huts , a fascinating box of locks and latches , a tricoloured block stacking set or a creative memory game are the perfect companions for an afternoon full of play and entertainment.

juguete de madera ecologica navidad

  1. Metal gifts for playing outdoors

Getting outside and enjoying the sand, the soil, the forest, the veggie patch or the beach is a pleasure for every little boy and girl and something they should all try. These metal toys, produced responsibly in Germany, will soon be indispensable at your house. Whether you choose the spade to dig for treasures, the bucket to keep them safe in or the sieve to discover what you can’t see at first glance… it’s time to get playing!

juguetes metal navidad

  1. Paper presents for escaping into a parallel universe

Books are the most loyal childhood friends. With a good collection we can lose ourselves in stories of far away worlds or experience adventures whilst learning to take care of the planet with tales such as Carlos Albatros and the haunted island or Roxana and the endangered fox.

libros infantiles plastico

Plastic-free presents for adults

If you find yourself clear out of ideas for zero waste, original, and sustainable products for the people you want to surprise with a gift, don’t worry. In our online shop we have everything you might need: from books about how to quit plastic a kitchen supplies o eco-friendly personal hygiene products.

Still undecided? Don’t fret. In our post “A list of jaw-droppingly good plastic -free presents that will leave your friends and family amazed this Christmas” te damos unas cuantas ideas para acertar con tus regalos.



Fabric to wrap your gifts

If you do not like to waste wrapping paper, you can wrap you.r presents in a square piece of fabric that you find lying around the house or in a reusable organic cotton Furoshiki style wrap that can also be re-used by the recipient to wrap another gift or as a handkerchief or napkin/serviette… For the final touch, add a little sprig of green, maybe some rosemary or holly . Originality and sustainability at their finest.


If you are someone who likes to use confetti in gift boxes, grab a pen. Collect dry leaves from the park or the forest, put holes in them with the help of a hole punch et voilà! There you have your natural confetti ready to add a little festive cheer to your presents (or to throw over everyone on New Year’s Eve without having to worry about contaminating your town).

Recycled cardboard gift tags

Don’t throw the boxes from your online purchases (like from our website) into the recycling bin. With these supplies you can create beautiful name tags for your presents. Rectangular ones, ovals ones, star-shaped ones… you decide. You are only limited by your imagination!

decoraciones navideñas caseras

We hope you have liked our advice about how to ensure a more natural Christmas at your place. Will you let us know what your favourite tips are in the comments? We can’t wait to read them.


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