Vacaciones en familia residuo cero

End of school year function? Tick. Summer holiday camp? Tick. Booked in at the kids’ favourite camp-site? Tick. Zero waste essentials for enjoying the whole summer without any plastic? Ummmmm…. Fail!

This is what is going through the minds of many of us at the moment. Summer is on its way and with it come the summer holidays. Even though it is a time for relaxation (hmmm) and a time to take a break (ahaa), summer with kids means lots of outdoor activities, town festivals, long afternoons at the beach or by the pool, urban activity camps and days spent in the mountains…. And let’s not kid ourselves, it also involves a whole heap of plastic.


But, is it really possible to live through the family holidays without generating any plastic?

Of course. Totally. 100%

In order to believe it, you need to see it with your own eyes, we get it and have therefore put together a list of the essentials for a plastic-free family holiday no matter what your destination: your home-town, the beach or the mountains.


Vaso de picnic de metal

Say no to the plastic cups next time you are offered one at the festival organisers’ bar, take one of these with you or this version with handles. Although let’s be real, these cups are going to be filled with more smoothies and scoops of ice cream than Gin & Tonics this summer. We are sorry to be the ones to point this out.

  plato picnic metal

Can you spot a huge paella? No need to move an inch. These stainless steel plates are here to save you and your family from the plastic curse of crowded festivals. They are lightweight, stackable and easy to carry around in your backpack or handbag, they will soon become a summer essential at your house.

These short straws for littlies are perfect for a having a quick sip of something cool whilst running around between the trees and hiding in the bushes. If you get a bit jealous, there is also an adult version. Maybe your children are slushy fans, we also have these wider straws especially made for smoothies.



If you, like us, have been racking your brain trying to find plastic-free toys for the beach, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. We bring you this bucket and spade kit made responsibly in Germany, so that the only thing you have to worry about these holidays is how not to get a mouthful of sand whilst being buried up to your neck.

Botella infantil inox

Good and adequate hydration is very important whilst playing non-stop in the sunshine and this bottle is ideal for little people’s hands. Although if you prefer a family sized bottle, you can combine this 1900ml stainless steel bottle with this pack of stackable cups.

fiambrera picnic playa

A sand-free snack anyone? Yes please. Take enough food for everyone with this XL 3 piece nesting lunch box. It is also available in a smaller size, to be used together with these organic cotton cloth serviettes/napkins, helping to keep your sandwiches safe from those sandy little hands, unless of course you want a little extra crunchy bread 😉

The best plastic-free after-sun cream. Apply this restorative balm to even the smallest members of the family just before bed, after having spent the day in the sunshine. Formulated in Spain from 100% natural and organic ingredients. It also helps to soothe bumps and insect bites. It’s a multi-use addition – gotta love that.



As well as being useful and hard-wearing, this stainless steel camping cutlery set clicks together with a small hook to avoid items getting lost. Great for enjoying dinner under the stars whilst the kids sleep soundly like little angels in their sleeping bags.

pañuelo infantil algodon organico

We can catch a summer cold spending time outdoors in the mountains, in the fresh, cool air, if we are not careful. Nothing that can’t be cured drinking water with a little lemon and always having one of these organic cotton cloth kid’s hankies handy.

Lighten the weight of your backpack whilst out hiking with the family by wrapping your sandwiches or bread rolls in reusable beeswax and jojoba wraps like these (or in the vegan version made with plant-based wax).

¿See! Summer time in your home-town, at the beach or in the mountains can be done zero-waste style.

Let us know your tricks and comments. What are your tips for enjoying zero-waste holidays?

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