lista de detalles sin plástico para regalar

You know what? You don’t have to give presents this Christmas. No really, you don’t have to.

Giving gifts is not a compulsory tradition, even though it feels like it is.

That said, if you choose to give a gift these holidays, we get it. We too like making someone’s day, especially that of our friends and family by sending them a surprise now and then, whether it’s Christmas time or not.

But this year above all, a year when many of us may not be able to physically be with the people we love, we are looking forward to seeing their faces light up with a surprise (and not just due to the shine of the computer screen on a videocall).

Therefore, the Sinplástico team has been working hard to bring you:

  1. A list of useful and practical plastic-free ideas for every member of the family, plus friends too. We have spent whole days thinking up the right present for each person and we just know that you are going to love our selection.
  2. A “Plastic-free Santa Claus” service for taking your gifts to the people you most care about in the world directly from Sinplástico: sent with less delivery journeys, less emissions, less worries and with all your love straight to the recipient’s door.

Does that sound good to you? Well, get reading…

A list of useful and practical plastic-free ideas for each and every member of your friends and family


1. For your father, who is not convinced by all this “zero waste” jargon, and he dies of embarrassment when you pull out your own container at the supermarket.

The “Dangerously sceptical family members’ Zero Waste” Pack:

This pack brings together all those products that we would keep buying even if we weren’t eco-warriors and that require minimum effort and change in the life of someone who is used to using single-use plastic.

It’s made up of:


2. For your mother, who spends a pretty penny on bottled water and starts choking every time she tries tap water.


The “Fight against chlorine” Pack:



3. For your partner, who always says they love reading and cooking, however who spent lockdown watching Netflix.


The “I love you anyway” Pack:




4. For your Grandmother, who has exceptional style and assures you that “they don’t make things like they used to.”

The “Things made like they used to be” Pack:




5. For your brother, who is going to become a Dad for the first time and is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.


The “You can do it!” Pack:





6. For your sister, who has become a big fan of batch cooking, plant-based milks and homemade baking.

The “Cooking Ace”Pack:




7. For your littlest ones, who have showed more patience than expected for their small size in 2020 and who enjoy the fresh air and outdoors more than ever:

The “Wild Child” Pack:




8. For you teenage niece or nephew, who has joined the Extinction Rebellion and is now more of an activist that you.

The “Generational takeover” Pack:





9. For your van-loving friend, who likes a morning coffee on a deserted beach more that a buffet in a luxury hotel.

The “Free as a bird” Pack:


10. For your best friend, who has discovered how to look after themselves during lockdown, and the truth is it’s good to see.

The “You’re worth it” Pack:




11. For your favourite four-legged friend, who has faithfully kept you company during the last few months, and hey who also deserves a little spoiling.

The “I even like your fur everywhere” Pack:





12. And for everyone else, this final “little something”

Because if there is something we have been told time and time again this year, it is to wash our hands. This handmade soap lets you do so whilst supporting families who have been displaced due to war in their homelands.

The “You scratch mi back and I’ll scratch yours” Gift:




We hope you like our selection of useful plastic-free gifts for your nearest and dearest.

Leave us a comment to let us know any other sustainable and plastic-free ideas for presents that you have.

We can’t wait to read all about them.


Plastic-free Santa Claus Service
Less travel, less emissions, less stress.

Would you like us to send your gift straight to the person of your choice?

Make it happen in just 3 steps:

  1. Look at the Sinplastico online shop and add your gift to your shopping cart.
  2. In the “Delivery address” section write the address of the person you would like to receive the gift.
  3. In the “Notes” section specify that it is a gift and if you would like to you can add a short message for the person who will receive it. We will write it on a personalised note to go in the parcel.


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