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Whether you´re an employee or run your own company – we all know that at work we generate a lot of waste. Zero waste office´s are rare.

The good news is that you can do it by implementing these tricks to reduce your waste at work.

Tricks to be zero waste at work:

Food & Drinks:

  • Change plastic bottles in meetings for a large glass bottle a jug and glasses or stainless steel cups.
  • If the office tap water is undrinkable, filter it with our Binchotan filters.
  • Bring your own glass, cup or stainless steel bottle to work everyday.
  • As for the coffee machine? No thanks. Better a stainless steel thermos to bring it from home.
  • If you have a communal kitchen, a lifetime cafetière.
  • Sugar – pass on the sachets, buy in bulk and use a jar.
  • To wash the cups, a luffa scourer, wooden brush or a copper scourer.
  • Instead of buying take-away food to eat at your desk, avoid waste by taking your own food from home in a stainless steel lunch box or sandwiches wrapped in a cloth napkin.
  • For snacks during the day try one of the stainless steel tubs with nuts or cereals purchased in bulk.

The office:

  • To avoid wasting paper, leave a message at the door: NO JUNK MAIL PLEASE.
  • When printing, think twice and where possible on re-use paper.
  • If you want to remember an important email, save it in a folder with the title “IMPORTANT” instead of sending it to the printer.
  • Exchange the post-it pieces of reused paper.
  • Use chalk boards, instead of whiteboards and markers.
  • Use coloured pencils, instead of highlighters and refillable pens!
  • For shipments, reuse the boxes of the suppliers (as we do) and close them with adhesive tape of kraft paper, instead of plastic tape.
  • When you buy new scissors, push pins or paper clips, just buy metal ones, the coloured ones are covered in plastic.
  • Store documents in cardboard filing cabinets, one of the old ones, to avoid plastic covers.
  • Repair everything reparable.
  • Buy second-hand office furniture and computer equipment.
  • When you place an order on behalf of your company, specify in comments: “shipping with the least amount of plastic possible, thanks.”
  • Put on your preferred list suppliers those who also work to reduce their waste.
  • Your business cards? Use recycled paper.

You can now boast zero waste office – take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.

Do you tell us what your tricks are for a zero waste office? Have you already tried any of these? Tell us what you think – we love reading your comments.


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