Green Friday

This Friday support Green Friday!

This idea came about as an alternative to Black Friday, a period of compulsive buying that originated in the US. The goal of this initiative is to make the most of the last Friday in November to buy things at a reduced price. The reality is, that Black Friday is nothing more than an excuse created by the large outlets and the big brands to supplement their sales, many see it as the third sales period of the year. NGOs, environmental groups and small brands have taken advantage of this opportunity to create Green Friday, a day dedicated to responsible, green and ethical purchases.

There are 2 ways to get involved with Green Friday:

  • not to buy anything all day, as an act against the capitalist consumption system we have, based on the principal of buying as many things as you can at the lowest price possible. Make the most of your day by going for a walk, seeing friends, organising a dinner party at home…
  • only buy from responsible and sustainable brands who offer products that respect people and the environment. Take advantage and buy what you need from your favourite eco-friendly shops or discover new brands committed to offering a green option.

At Sinplastico, we have always supported responsible consumption, based on real needs and in making purchases with thought behind it. It is said that buying is voting and therefore we, as individuals will not buy anything during Back Friday, and as a shop we will be taking part in the Green Friday initiative.

This Friday be part of the change, celebrate Green Friday!


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