Is responsible consumption possible?

We are all looking for well-fare, living a healthy life and fulfilling basic needs…” and having something left for a small impulsive purchase.”

Society tells us that well-fare is based on comfort and surrounds us with products that make our life “easier”: electrical and electronic goods, vehicles etc. It also tells us that our needs change along with fashion evolution.

In this way, it is not possible.

This consumption model is not sustainable and neither is it applicable to the whole world population. A 12% of our planet population (North-Americans and Europeans) is responsible for the 60% of the consumption. If all the inhabitants of the world lived like europeans do, we would need 3 planets to produce what we consume and to “absorb” ours wastes.

So, yes, we all do have the rights to well-fare, to enjoy a healthy life and to fulfill our basic needs but we cannot forget that we only have one planet and its resources are limited.

Therefore, in order to enable all of us to reach well-fare, it is essential to take on responsible consumption habits. One of the keys is to consume only what we really need and to make buying be a conscious and rational process.

Responsible buying is possible.

In Sinplástico, we are very sensitive to this issue and we want to share with you some tips to make your purchases more responsible. Before you buy, try asking you the following questions:

  • Do I really need it?

First of all, it is interesting to think about what we really need in order to buy a product which really responds to our needs and so make reasonable purchases. Big brands have been working a lot to create artificial needs for their clients through advertising and fashion.

  • How many wastes will this product produce? Could I buy a more eco-friendly one?

It is necessary,also, to stop and think about the amount of waste what we buy is going to create, and whether it is a disposable item or not. More sustainable and low wrapped options can easily be found.

  • How long is this  product going to last? Is there any long-lasting substitute?

Durability has lost their value. We are producing too much wastes and our planet cannot afford the throw-away culture. Buying long-lasting  high quality items and taking care of them is one of the keys of a sustainable purchase.

  • Who is seelling it to me? What am I really buying?

Finally, a responsible purchase is based on knowing what it is what we are buying. The origins, the composition and the business model of the company making profits out of this sale is what gives the social and ecological value to a product.

As you can see, a change is possible, with some small new habits you can become a responsible buyer and improve your life quality. So be inspired and enjoy!

Author: Marion de La Porte


2 thoughts on “Is responsible consumption possible?”

  1. I think the more important message here is that in order to truly become more sustainable, we have to do more than simply reduce consumption. We have to entirely shift what the economy prioritizes from the top down. Historically, governmental action has been required to create change, and this governmental action has often been prompted by the public through movements like civil rights, indian independence, anti-apartheid, etc.

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