A few weeks ago, we published a post about plastic free showering. Then, we mentioned the issue of plastic microbeads hiden in our shower gels, shampoos and body scrubs. In this post, we are going to explain what these microbeads are, what problem they pose and how to identify and avoid them. What are microbeads? … Continue reading “HOW TO AVOID MICROBEADS IN COSMETICS”

Wet Shaving: a plastic-free shaving

The arrival of plastic to the shaving industry brought about the logic of abundance: many products, at competitive prices, attractive to the eye, but easy to get spoilt in order to make you renew it the sooner, the better. More than 1,200 million men around the world do shave every day. And this practice of … Continue reading “Wet Shaving: a plastic-free shaving”

The Johnson family: a zero waste life is posible

In Europe, the average of waste production for a family is about 2 tonnes a year. Knowing that only 25% of this waste is recycled, we can imagine the impact on environment, health and economy. That is why, the statement that the best way to manage waste is not producing it, is, nowadays more accurate … Continue reading “The Johnson family: a zero waste life is posible”

A plastic free shower

Perhaps the bathroom is the place in the house where we accumulate more jars and containers: personal hygiene products, beauty articles, cosmetics, a first aid kit, or even medicines. And the great majority are made of plastic. Since the range is so wide, today we want to focus on the shower. The list of accessories … Continue reading “A plastic free shower”

Pretending Bisphenol A is safe

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), has just reviewed its position on Biphenol A, also known as BPA, and says there is no risk for consumers’ health, though they admit that “There is a lack of supporting data on dermal exposure – for example, how much BPA the body absorbs through skin by touching thermal … Continue reading “Pretending Bisphenol A is safe”


Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of sanitary towels and tampons used by a woman throughout her life?, do you know how long it takes to decompose one of these pads?, or what chemicals have tampons and pads to make them be so white, so “odourless”? As you may have calculated the … Continue reading “THE MENSTRUAL CUP: ECO-FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE TO TAMPONS AND PADS”