What are endocrine disruptors?

Endocrine disruptors are synthetic or -rarely- natural substances that alter our hormonal system.

The most common disruptors are: bisphenols (not just A), phthalates, heavy metals, flame retardants, parabens, etc. They are responsible for numerous health problems such as cancer, diabetes or neurological diseases and can affect fertility.

Where do we find them?

Unfortunately, endocrine disruptors can be found in many places such as food and its packaging, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, air fresheners or furniture.

Luckily, with simple gestures we can limit our exposure and that of our daughters and sons to these substances.

During pregnancy:

  • Do not use plastic to heat your food. This means saying goodbye to plastic containers and all kinds of boiling or cooking bags.
  • Choose natural and organic soaps and cosmetics.
  • Eat homemade food, avoiding products packed in plastic, particularly meat and dairy products.
  • Use as natural as possible cleaning products such as white vinegar, baking soda or black soap.
  • Prepare your baby’s room in advance in order to ventilate both freshly painted walls and new furniture. Furniture usually carries endocrine disruptors and therefore it is very important to give time to these substances to evaporate.

Once the baby has arrived:

  • Avoid baby wipes due to many of them have endocrine disrupters. They can be replaced by a mitten or washable cotton discs.
  • Choose glass or stainless steel tableware: either baby bottles, porridge bowls or cutlery. The idea is to avoid their food being in contact with plastic.
  • Opt for toys made of natural materials like wood, organic cotton, natural rubber or cork. It is better to buy fewer but better quality toys and thus ensure that they do not carry toxic substances because babies tend to put everything in their mouth.
  • Buy dummies and teethers made of 100% natural rubber or medical silicone.
  • For bedding and clothing, choose natural textiles and avoid laminated decorative elements. It is always convenient to wash the clothes before wearing them on the first time. A simple way to eliminate substances that may have been accumulated in the tissue during transport and storage.

Protect your baby from possible endocrine disruptors is possible, and with these simple gestures you will be able to give your baby a healthier environment where to grow, and be happy.

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