In our Manifesto #ILivePlasticFree we invite you to consume and connect with the environment in a new way and thus give steps towards a plastic-free life.

A plastic free shower

Perhaps the bathroom is the place in the house where we accumulate more jars and containers: personal hygiene products, beauty articles, cosmetics, a first aid kit, or even medicines. And the great majority are made of plastic.
Since the range is so wide, today we want to focus on the shower. The list of accessories when […]

Pretending Bisphenol A is safe

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), has just reviewed its position on Biphenol A, also known as BPA, and says there is no risk for consumers’ health, though they admit that “There is a lack of supporting data on dermal exposure – for example, how much BPA the body absorbs through skin by touching thermal […]

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Our Sinplástico shop opens!

After a hard but thrilling preparation work, we have finally opened our e-shop where you will find more than 400 sustanaible and plastic-free products.
Nearly without noticing it, plastics have been invading our homes and is now everywhere in our daily life. And we are very conscious that one of the best ways to reduce our […]

Why ban plastic bags ?

In this post we want to bring out the recent news about plastic bag bannings. The lasts ones come from the State of California and from France and we would like to explain the why of these decisions.
On September 30, after a long and important citizen mobilization, the State of California banned plastic bags in […]

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Why live a plastic-free life?

Here we are, out in the ocean and we are truly grateful for the warm welcome given to our initiative.
In this post we would like to explain to you the reasons to set Sinplástico up, and to clarify some basic concepts about the harm plastic causes.
As we said in our first post, we do not […]

Sinplástico takes it’s first steps

Not so long ago, quality and excellency were decisive when buying anything, particularly if you were going to take it home. Life-long philosophy ruled. The items were long lasting, could be repaired, made nearby, out of fine materials, etc. Bottles, for example, were taken back, washed and refilled. There was no need for destroying and […]

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